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1600 Electroscope Gilbert
1602 Pendulum Galilei
1643 Barometer Torricelli
1661 Methanol Boyle
1662 Boyle's law's_lawRobert Boyle
1665 Diffraction Maria Grimaldi
1669 Phosphorus Brand
1669 Double refraction Bartholin
1669 Birefringence Bartholin
1687Newton's laws of motion's_laws_of_motionIsaac Newton
1687Newton's law of universal gravitation's_law_of_universal_gravitationIsaac Newton
1690Le Sage's theory of gravitation's_theory_of_gravitationNicolas Fatio de Duillier,Georges-Louis Le Sage 
1699Amontons' Laws of Friction Amontons
1724Fahrenheit temperature Gabriel Fahrenheit
1745 Leyden jar  
1766 Hydrogen Cavendish
1772 Nitrogen Rutherford
1773 Oxygen Wilhelm Scheele
1774 Chlorine Wilhelm Scheele
1776 Methane Volta
1777 Torsion balance de Coulomb
1785Coulomb's law's_lawCharles-Augustin de Coulomb
1785 Diffraction grating Rittenhouse
1787Charles's law's_lawJacques Charles
1788Lagrangian Lagrange
1797 Cavendish experiment Cavendish
1800 Infrared Herschel
1800 Voltaic pile Volta
1801 Ultraviolet Wilhelm Ritter
1802 Fraunhofer lines Hyde Wollaston,Joseph von Fraunhofer
1802Gay-Lussac's law's_lawJoseph Louis Gay-Lussac
1803Wave theory of light Young
1803 Double slit experiment Young
1806Law of definite proportions Proust
1808Law of multiple proportions Dalton
1811Avogadro's law's_LawAmedeo Avogadro
1812 Zamboni pile Zamboni
1815Prout's hypothesis's_hypothesisWilliam Prout
1815Proton Prout
1815 Brewster's angle's_angleDavid Brewster
1819Dulong-Petit law–Petit_lawPierre Louis Dulong,Alexis Thér?se Petit 
1820Biot-Savart law–Savart_law  
1820 Galvanometer  
1821 Thermoelectric effect Charles Athanase Peltier
1822 Barlow's wheel's_wheelPeter Barlow
1826Amp?re's circuital lawère's_circuital_lawAndré-Marie Amp?reé-Marie_Ampère
1827 Brownian motion Brown
1827Ohm's law's_LawGeorg Ohm
1831 Electromagnetic induction's_law_of_inductionMichael Faraday
1831 Homopolar generator Faraday
1831Faraday paradox Faraday
1833 Magnetometer Friedrich Gauss
1834Faraday's laws of electrolysis's_laws_of_electrolysisMichael Faraday
1834Ideal gas lawît Paul Émile Clapeyronît_Paul_Émile_Clapeyron
1834 Ethane Faraday
1834 Peltier effect Charles Athanase Peltier
1835Gauss's law's_lawCarl Friedrich Gauss
1836 Faraday cage Faraday
1838Electron Laming
1842 Doppler effect Doppler
1845 Diamagnetism Faraday
1845 Faraday effect Faraday
1847 Fructose Dubrunfaut
1850 Speed of light–Foucault_apparatusHippolyte Fizeau
1851 Foucault penduluméon Foucaultéon_Foucault
1851 Fizeau experiment Fizeau
1851Stokes' law'_lawGeorge Gabriel Stokes
1852 Stokes shift Gabriel Stokes
1857 Geissler tube Geißler
1859 Lead-acid battery–acid_batteryGaston Plantéé
1859Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation's_law_of_thermal_radiationGustav Kirchhoff
1861Maxwell's equations's_equationsJames Clerk Maxwell
1863 Impulse generatorÁnyos JedlikÁnyos_Jedlik
1865Loschmidt constant Josef Loschmidt
1866 Hofmann voltameter Wilhelm von Hofmann
1867 Kelvin water dropper Thomson,_1st_Baron_Kelvin
1868 Helium Lockyer
1869 Crookes tube Crookes
1871 Gramme machineénobe Grammeénobe_Gramme
1873Van der Waals equation Diderik van der Waals
1875 Kerr effect Kerr
1879Stefan-Boltzmann law–Boltzmann_lawJoseph Stefan
1879 Hall effect Hall
1885 Balmer spectral lines in Hydrogen Atom Jakob Balmer
1885Rayleigh wave William Strutt
1886 Hall-Héroult process–Héroult_processCharles Martin Hall,Paul Héroult 
1887 Bayer process Josef Bayer
1887 Michelson-Morley experiment–Morley_experimentAlbert Abraham Michelson,Edward Morley
1887 Photoelectric effect Hertz
1887 Radio wave Hertz
1888Rydberg formula Rydberg
1889Length contraction FitzGerald,Hendrik Lorentz
1893 Pockels effect Carl Alwin Pockels
1893Wien's displacement law's_displacement_lawWilhelm Wien
1895 X-ray Röntgenöntgen
1896 Zeeman effect Zeeman
1896Wien approximation Wien
1897 Townsend discharge Sealy Townsend
1897 Electron J. Thomson
1897 Cathode ray tube Ferdinand Braun
1900Planck's law's_lawMax Planck
1900Boltzmann constant Planck
1900 Gamma ray Ulrich Villard
1900Rayleigh-Jeans law–Jeans_lawJohn William Strutt
1902Cubical atom N. Lewis
1904Plum pudding model J. Thomson
1904Abegg's rule's_ruleRichard Abegg
1905Mass-energy equivalence–energy_equivalenceAlbert Einstein
1905Special relativity Einstein
1909Ehrenfest paradox Ehrenfest
1909 Geiger-Marsden experiment–Marsden_experimentHans Geiger,Ernest Marsden 
1909Abraham-Minkowski controversy–Minkowski_controversyAbraham-Minkowski 
1909Measure of electric chargeOil drop experiment Andrews Millikan
1910 Einstein-de Haas effect–de_Haas_effect  
1911 Cloud chamber Thomson Rees Wilson
1911 Weiss magneton Weiss
1912Nordström's theory of gravitationöm's_theory_of_gravitationGunnar Nordströmöm
1912 Bragg's law's_lawWilliam Lawrence Bragg,William Henry Bragg
1912 Isotope Soddy
1913Bohr model Bohr
1913 Stark effect Stark
1913 Sagnac effect Sagnac
1914 Franck-Hertz experiment–Hertz_experimentJames Franck,Gustav Hertz 
1916Electron pair N. Lewis
1916General relativity Einstein
1917 Proton Rutherford
1918Lense-Thirring precession–Thirring_effect  
1920Neutron Rutherford
1922 Stern-Gerlach experiment–Gerlach_experimentOtto Stern,Walter Gerlach 
1922 Auger effect Victor Auger
1923 Compton scattering Compton
1923 Raman scattering Venkata R?man
1923Birkhoff's theorem (relativity)'s_theorem_(relativity)George David Birkhoff
1924BKS theory  
1924 Marx generator Otto Marx
1925Schrödinger equationödinger_equationErwin Schrödingerödinger
1926Kaluza-Klein theory–Klein_theoryOskar Klein 
1926Klein-Gordon equation–Gordon_equationOskar Klein,Walter Gordon 
1927Thomas-Fermi model–Fermi_modelLlewellyn Thomas,Enrico Fermi 
1927 Davisson-Germer experiment–Germer_experimentClinton Davisson,Lester Germer 
1927 Andrussow process Andrussow
1927Hartree-Fock method–Fock_theory  
1928Positron Dirac
1928Dirac equation Dirac
1929 Van de Graaff generator J. Van de Graaff
1930Neutrino Pauli
1930 Spark chamber  
1930Dirac sea Dirac
1930Slater-type orbital  
1932 Neutron Chadwick
1932 Positron David Anderson
1933 Meissner effect Meissner
1933Kapitsa-Dirac effect–Dirac_effect  
1934 Zener effect Zener
1936 Muon David Anderson
1938 Ives-Stilwell experiment–Stilwell_experiment  
1939 Diffusion cloud chamber Langsdorf,_Jr.
1945 Neutron diffraction O. Wollan,Clifford Shull 
1947 Casimir effect Casimir
1947 Pion Powell,César Lattes,Giuseppe Occhialini 
1947 Kaon  
1950Gaussian orbital  
1952 Bubble chamber A. Glaser
1954Yang-Mills theory Ning Yang,Robert Mills 
1955 Antiproton Segr?,Owen Chamberlainè
1956Cooper pair Cooper
1956 Neutrino Cowan,Frederick Reines
1956 Cowan-Reines neutrino experiment  
1958 Mössbauer effectössbauer_effectRudolf Mössbauerössbauer_effect
1959Bell's spaceship paradox's_spaceship_paradoxE.Dewan,M.Beran,John Stewart Bell 
1959Aharonov-Bohm effect–Bohm_effectYakir Aharonov,David Bohm 
1959 Pound-Rebka experiment–Rebka_experimentRobert Pound,Glen Rebka 
1959 Penning trap Georg Dehmelt
1961 Second-harmonic generation Franken
1961Magnetic flux quantum David Josephson
1962 Josephson effect David Josephson
1962 Little-Parks effect–Parks_effectWilliam A. Little,Roland D. Parks 
1962 Gunn effect B. Gunn
1964Bell's theorem's_theoremJohn Stewart Bell
1966 Photon upconversionçois Auzel 
1966Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin limit–Zatsepin–Kuzmin_limitGreisen,Zatsepin,Kuzmin 
1967Coleman-Mandula theorem–Mandula_theoremSidney Coleman,Jeffrey Mandula 
1968W and Z bosons,Weinberg,Salam 
1970 Homestake experiment  
1971 Hafele-Keating experiment–Keating_experiment  
1973 Geonium atom Georg Dehmelt
1973 Halbach array C. Mallinson,Klaus Halbach 
1975 Tau Lewis Perl
1975Haag-Lopuszanski-Sohnius theorem–Lopuszanski–Sohnius_theoremHaag,Lopuszanski,Sohnius 
1976Unruh effect G. Unruh
1976 Gravity Probe A  
1977Quantum Zeno effect  
1978 Mikheyev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein effect,Smirnov,Wolfenstein 
1980 Quantum Hall effect von Klitzing
1980Weinberg-Witten theorem–Witten_theoremSteven Weinberg,
1982No-cloning theorem,Zurek,Dieks 
1987 Hong-Ou-Mandel effect–Ou–Mandel_effect  
1991 Oh-My-God particle  
1992Hardy's paradox's_paradox  
2003 X(3872) particle  
2004 Afshar experiment Afshar
2007 Z(4430) particle  
2009 Y(4140) particle  
2012Ultimate Theory http://www.ultimate-theory.comPrzemysław Gruchała 
2013 Zc(3900) particle