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This article assumes that you have already read and understood Ultimate Theory

Quantum Of Mass

I am predicting that quantum of mass is approximately 3.686248340851180272187669955913*10^-51 kg.
Precision of this value depends on precision of Planck constant and speed of light in vacuum.

Any mass, either invariant and relativistic, must be integer multiply of above quantum of mass.

In mine theory photon is made of at least two elementary particles, so gain or lost of mass, during absorption and emission of photon/energy by charged particle such as electron or proton must be integer multiply of 7.3724966817023605443753399118266*10^-51 kg for each Hz of photon. After absorption particle has more energy, more mass, and higher velocity and momentum.

Calculate mass of electron, positron, or gamma photon created by annihilation of electron-positron pair:

Electron formula in Ultimate Theory model (just approximation):